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SF Gate: On January 29, 2013, Hari Dillon was sentenced to 40 months in prison and 3 years probation for his role in bilking investors of millions of dollars while he engaged in high-risk investment fraud


"You were blinded by the correctness of the causes you were advocating," (Judge Charles) Breyer told Dillon. "You have ruined a foundation and dealt a devastating blow to organizations that promote social justice."

            Vanguard Chief Gets Prison Term for Fraud

Blue Avocado: In 2010, Rick Cohen’s two-part article and an update about the closure of Vanguard was published on the Blue Avocado web blog. The Decline and Fall of the Vanguard Foundation was the first investigative report to appear in the media.


… the story may be one of organizational hubris, board narcolepsy, and the disease of our time: the siren song of the get-rich investment plan which, like Bernie Madoff's ponzi scheme, was just too good to be true.

The Decline and Fall of the Vanguard Foundation

How Did This Happen? Part 2 of the Vanguard Foundation Story

Vanguard Foundation Update: With Leader Pleading Guilty, “Truth and Reconciliation”?

SF Weekly: In 2012, Laura Murray interviewed Hari Dillon and several of the participants of the Vanguard Community Dialogue to explore some of the underlying issues related to the collapse of the Foundation in The Vanguard Foundation’s Great Con.


As many of his former staff and donors would note wryly, Dillon developed an expertise at wielding white guilt and liberation rhetoric that wealthy liberals, especially women, found compelling enough to engender trust while forsaking due diligence.

The Vanguard Foundation’s Great Con

The Bay Citizen: Embezzlement, Scam Shatter Venerable Vanguard Foundation, written by Shoshana Walter, focuses on Hari Dillon’s role in the downfall of Vanguard.


Long before he met Cohen, Dillon aspired to transform Vanguard from a little-known grassroots group into a vehicle for fame and social change. The progressive star invested millions of would-be Vanguard funds in high-risk ventures, using Vanguard’s top donors as personal bankers.        

Embezzlement, Scam Shatter Venerable Vanguard Foundation