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Court Documents

Testimony from Mouli Cohen’s Trial and Hari Dillon’s Plea Agreement

In October 2011, Mouli Cohen went on trial for instigating a fraud that led to the demise of Vanguard Public Foundation. Upon his conviction and sentencing in April 2012, the court records were unsealed, revealing Cohen’s and Vanguard President Hari Dillon’s roles in the scam.

Click on the links below for official court documents:

Original Charges Against Hari Dillon

Hari Dillon Plea Agreement

Hari Dillon Sentencing

Transcript of Hari Dillon's Sentencing

Opening Statements

Hari Dillon (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), Vanguard President and CEO of the multiple Dillon (Investment) Groups

Michael Farrell, early Ecast Investor

Danny Glover, actor, Vanguard Board of Directors Co-Chair, Tier 1 Investor

Mary Mills, Vanguard Major Donor, Tier 1 Investor

Sam Mills, Vanguard Major Donor, Tier 1 Investor

Susanna Moore, Vanguard Major Donor, Member of Vanguard Board of Directors, Tier 1 Investor

Juan Saavedra, IRS Special Agent

Jane Segal, Vanguard Major Donor, Tier 1 Investor

Gina Warren, Danny Glover’s ex-girlfriend, Tier 1 Investor

Closing Arguments

Government's Sentencing Memorandum re: Mouli Cohen (with photos of Mouli Cohen's rented mansion)

Cohen Sentencing Memorandum

Victim Testimony: Susanna Moore