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The Vanguard Justice Community

We are an ad hoc group that formed after Samuel “Mouli” Cohen and Hari Dillon engaged in fraudulent activities that led to the demise of the once-proud Vanguard Public Foundation.

We represent many races, cultures, ages, and constituencies, and encompass the 99% and 1%. We are activists, community and faith leaders, donors, foundation executives, and small business owners.

Please note: Although we all have past connections with Vanguard Public Foundation, we were not members of the Board of Directors or in close association with Hari Dillon during the years that the Foundation was involved in the Mouli Cohen/Hari Dillon financial schemes.

Some of us are the grantees whose social justice work Vanguard championed and whose futures were to be enhanced by the investment scam.

Some are donors to Vanguard’s general fund, advisory accounts, or the Foundation’s now-squandered $1.5 million endowment.

We also represent former Vanguard staff and board members, including those who witnessed Dillon’s misappropriation of public resources many years prior to the investment scheme that led to the closure of the Foundation.

Together we represent the social justice community that has been decimated by Cohen and Dillon. We are now working together to repair the damage through a process of reconciliation and healing so that we may work together on common concerns in the future.


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     Mural “Educate to Liberate”

     Miranda Bergman, Vicky Hamlin, Jane Norling, Maria Ramos, Arch Williams